Save Water. Save Money. Save Time.

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October 2018 Skydrop Special - Have the New Skydrop Controller Installed and get $50 off plus No Service Call Fee (Total Savings $110)

Please let us know that you want the Skydrop installed when scheduling your appointment so that enough time can be allowed to do the installation. 

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The Smart Way To Water

Spend more time enjoying your lawn than working on it! Let Skydrop determine the optimal watering times to keep your lawn looking its best while saving 35% on water use.



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Your ONLY Adaptive & Smart Watering Controller with Real-Time Weather Monitoring

Maximize Water Conservation While Maintaining Beautiful Landscapes 

Monitor and control your watering from anywhere with award-winning smart technology that keeps a good thing growing - even when you're away from home or when unexpected weather hits

Call today to get your new Skydrop smart controller professionally installed.  Our experienced service technicians will install, set up, and explain your new Skydrop controller.
Call (815) 464-6801

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Skydrop Contoller Installed (1-8 zones)  $475 - $50 Off = $425 (Oct 2018 Only)

Skydrop Controller Installed (9-16 zones) $550 - $50 Off = $500 (Oct 2018 Only)

Call or Click Today to Schedule Your Appointment 

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